Internet and Hosting Services

Internet Connection Packages

ADSL Usage-based

All usage-based ADSL accounts are billed according to the amount of data used at the end of each usage period and is available in either Semi-shaped (provided by Internet Solutions) and Shaped (provided by SAIX) package options.

ADSL Uncapped – Affordable

All uncapped packages is unshaped 24/7 unless the users service has been throttled due to high usage.

The top 20% of users in each product set will be throttled on all related protocols that Internet Solutions deems to be abuse or file sharing over a rolling 10 day period.

The Uncapped 384 Kbps, 512 Kbps, 1024 Kbps and 4096 Kbps packages is aimed at Home and Small Business users with the Uncapped Supreme package is better suited for networks of users with a higher data volume requirement.

The allocated data pool for the Uncapped Supreme 4096 Kbps package is much larger than that of the Uncapped 4096 Kbps package. This means the contention ratio for the Uncapped Supreme 4096 Kbps will be lower than that of the Uncapped 4096 Kbps, thus offering better performance for longer.

ADSL Uncapped – Business

Business Uncapped packages include 5 Static IP addresses as well as a rental router. These products offer uncapped, unshaped data on the SAT3 fiber cable with no thresholds.

All Business packages include 200 Mb of SMTP traffic, however no usage limit is placed on these services. As the monthly traffic allowance is usage based, the customer will be responsible for paying usage charges for all data traffic exceeding the included traffic allowance.

International Hosting

For business users we offer full featured hosting on both Windows and Unix servers based in the USA. The benefit of international hosting is that there are No limitation on the number of mailboxes and No limitation on the amount of SMTP traffic for the hosted domain.

Local Hosting

Locally based hosting options are available on either Windows or FreeBSD (Unix) platforms; variations in scripting languages and ancillary services apply depending on the operating system. The number of mailboxes and amount of traffic included is determined by the package option selected.

Red Condor Spam Filtering Services

Red Condor Spam Filtering is available for both local and internationally hosted domains but strongly recommended for use with internationally hosted domains as these domains are much more likely to attract the attention of spammers.


ePrism E-mail Archving

Customers that have Red Condor Spam Filtering enabled may add the ePrism E-mail Archiving service to individual mailboxes as needed.

ePrism E-mail Archiving offers secure email archiving that is scalable to fit the requirements of any size organization. The solution retains your email in an unalterable state to help you meet requirements for regulatory compliance, litigation issues, storage management needs, or to fulfill business best practices guidelines.

ePrism provides a fully searchable e-mail archiving service with a 7 Year Archive History and No Limit on Storage Space at a fixed monthly cost per mailbox.